Wild Unicorn Slot Machine

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Enchanted Unicorn Slots Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol

The wild symbol in this game is somewhat unique. First off, it substitutes for all symbols except for the scatter symbol, which is the moon, and the bonus trigger, which is the treasure chest. Each unicorn symbol multiplies the pay line by two for these two situations: 1.Unicorn symbol in a winning combination on a played line before that Unicorn symbol transforms. 2. Casino cruise no deposit bonus codes 2017. Unicorn symbol transforms a symbol that would have been used in a winning combination on a played line before that symbol transforms to a Unicorn symbol. Potentially, a pay can be multiplied by up to 8x if three Unicorn symbols appear in either of the two situations that I just stated. It does this for all of the symbols except the 5-lion, the treasure chest, and the moon. The moon is the scatter symbol and you need three of them to land anywhere on the reels to win.

Unicorn Slots Free

Enchanted Unicorn Slots Bonus

The bonus in this game can be a very good one, but there are no guarantees. Just like most other slot machines it is a game of luck. I have won 4,200 on the bonus and I have won 400. To get the bonus, a treasure chest must show up in the 1st reel and in the 5th reel. Slot machine winning streak. The game then takes you to a screen where you have to pick a block in a couple different levels. Each block has a winning value, a unicorn, or a joker. If you pick the unicorn, all of the points add up in that level and are yours, if you pick a joker, the bonus is over.



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